Childrens Oral Exam

Comprehensive Children’s Oral Exams in Aurora, CO

A thorough oral examination is crucial to children’s preventive dental care. Our staff is aware that prevention is the best way to address dental issues. Regularly getting these exams done can help identify issues early on and prevent the need for more extensive, expensive treatments down the road.

At Southland Smiles, we offer thorough children’s oral exams in Aurora, CO. Our pediatric dentists provide these examinations to maintain your child’s smile, making it happy and healthy while preventing and treating dental issues.

What is an Oral Exam for Kids?

Comprehensive oral exams are performed on children to ensure their gums and teeth are in good condition. It is important to immediately identify the early signs of dental problems and avoid decay, cavities, and tooth loss. During these examinations, parents can also voice any concerns or ask questions about their child’s oral health. Dentists can also teach kids about good dental hygiene practices during oral examinations.

Process of Comprehensive Oral Exam

1. Preparation

Some kids could experience anxiety or nervousness when they get a comprehensive oral examination. It would help if you prepared your children for the appointment by explaining its importance, telling them what to expect, and giving reassurance. As much as possible, the oral exam should take place when your child is in a good mood and more cooperative.

Parents should be the first to remain calm at the dental office because the child could mimic the emotion. This will also allow you to pay attention to your kid more closely to give support and encouragement. If your kid is feeling anxious or has any negative emotions, you’ll easily notice them and be able to relay them to the dentist.

2. During the Oral Exam

The comprehensive oral examination thoroughly assesses the child’s oral health. The dentist checks the teeth and gums and looks for signs of dental decay or gum disease. When necessary, X-rays are also taken to gather more data and provide a precise diagnosis. Following the check-up, you and the dentist will go over the findings.

You’ll be advised on the best course of action if any dental treatment is required. Several preventative measures are available based on the patient and their unique requirements. Some of these procedures are fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and cleanings.

3. Aftercare

After the oral exam, you will get advice on proper oral hygiene and preventive measures to enhance and safeguard the patient’s dental health. The pediatric dentist will also suggest a time for the subsequent follow-up visit. An oral examination should generally take place every six months. Patients who are more susceptible to tooth decay or other oral health issues could require more frequent examinations.

Thorough Kids’ Dental Check-ups for Healthy Smiles

To get a comprehensive children’s oral exam in Aurora, CO, see our pediatric dentists at Southland Smiles. A picture of your child’s oral health is essential to combat dental issues, including gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental problems.

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