Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Aurora, CO

Bone Grafting Restores A Natural Jawline

Dental implants are one of the best solutions for missing teeth, offering permanent improvements in health, function, and aesthetics. If teeth have been missing for some time, the jaw bone might not be strong enough for dental implants. When this is the case, we offer bone grafting in Aurora, CO that restores a healthy jaw bone which is strong and dense enough to support an implant post. Our restorative services include bone grafting and ridge augmentation to restore the natural contours of the bone after multiple teeth have been lost or extracted. 

To provide the highest standard of care, our bone grafting procedures are completed using a technique called PIEZOSURGERY® and include plasma rich growth factors (PRF) to accelerate healing and regeneration of tissue. Our skilled team is highly experienced in bone grafting and can help you become a candidate for dental implants with this personalized treatment.

The Reason For Bone Grafting

  • Replace bone critical for implant placement
  • Rebuild natural contours to the jaw ridge
  • Restore structural integrity of the jaw bone
  • Preserve more youthful facial aesthetics

Advanced Bone Grafting For Success

Advanced technologies and materials play a major role in the success of bone grafting and, in turn, the long-term success of permanent restorations like dental implants. Our Cone Beam CT scanner provides high-quality digital images to give us an accurate 3D representation of the quality and density of bone in your jaw. This helps us determine precisely where and how much bone material will need to be used during your bone grafting procedure. The bone grafting process itself is a surgical procedure we perform after the treatment site is fully numbed. If you require more sedation to feel relaxed, we will ensure you are comfortable before the procedure. Once complete, the area will heal over the next few months, building up a healthy and strong foundation for dental implants!

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