Smile Makeover

Transformative Smile Makeover Solutions in Aurora, CO

Tired of Your Smile?

Are you unhappy with how your teeth look? Unsightly or crooked teeth can leave you embarrassed to show off your smile but there is a solution! Our smile makeover treatments enhance a natural appearance and restore critical function to your teeth. With decades of experience, our cosmetic dentistry team has helped hundreds of patients like you achieve their dream smiles with personalized smile makeovers in Aurora, CO. If your smile is causing you embarrassment or self-consciousness, we invite you to our office for a consultation and to join the many happy patients who have had a smile makeover treatment with us.

Our Approach to Smile Makeover Treatment

smile makeover must be made up of both functional and cosmetic components. If the teeth are aligned, but the gums and bone are affected by disease, the risk for failing restorations increases. Similarly, if the gums and bone are healthy, but the teeth are misaligned or damaged, these issues must be corrected for restorations to last long-term. Our dual functional-cosmetic approach ensures that all these areas are in harmony so that you can function comfortably with a smile that looks natural and attractive.

Our Smile Makeover Process

A smile makeover is rarely comprised of a single procedure, but is a comprehensive process personalized to each patient’s unique oral condition and smile goals. Our process begins with conversations regarding your expectations and the result we know that we can achieve for our patients. We will start by taking intra and extraoral photographs and a 3D scan. This information is used to create a wax-up made in a state-of-the-art laboratory. This wax-up is a critical step in the smile makeover process as it allows you to see your projected smile in real life! Once you approve your smile, we will move forward with the functional and cosmetic smile makeover portions of your treatment process. Over the course of the next weeks or months, you will begin to see a transformation in your smile—one that transitions you from failing, unattractive teeth to a beautiful, functional smile you are proud to call your own!

Our Smile Makeover Treatments

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