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Effective TMJ Treatment in Aurora, CO

Understanding TMJ Dysfunction

In the US, millions of adults struggle with chronic pain, difficulty speaking and chewing, and impeded or complete inability to open and close the mouth. These patients may be suffering from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, or simply TMD. This common oral health condition occurs when the small joints connecting the jaw to the skull bone are damaged or overworked. When this happens, patients experience significantly impeded daily function whether they are chewing, speaking, or sharing a smile with friends. We offer a wide range of minimally invasive, maximally effective therapies for patients suffering from TMJ dysfunction. If you’re in need of TMJ treatment in Aurora, CO, contact us to learn more about your options.


Common Signs of TMJ Dysfunction

  • Jaw pain, at rest or when moving
  • Earache, ringing in ears, or mild hearing loss
  • Chronic headaches, especially upon waking
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Grinding or clicking sound when opening and closing the mouth
  • Facial muscle spasms especially around the temples
  • Teeth that no longer seem to fit together properly
  • Impeded mouth movement or complete jaw immobility

Custom, Innovative TMJ Treatment

Effective TMJ treatment begins by discovering the source of the problem. We can then provide targeted treatment to alleviate jaw pain, muscle spasms, and other symptoms of TMD. Our TMJ treatment includes custom mouthguards and Invisalign®. Mouthguards are custom appliances that fit around your teeth. They have a dual purpose to both keep teeth from being clenched and ground (especially during sleep) and help the jaw rest and align in proper position. Invisalign orthodontics for TMD addresses one of the major causes of symptoms: a misaligned bite. Correcting malocclusion helps reduce or eliminate clenching and grinding, and thus stress to the jaw joints and muscles. Our TMJ dentists are trained through Dawson Academy, the leaders in comprehensive training in dental occlusion and the functions of the masticatory (chewing) system. We are uniquely qualified to provide TMJ treatment that focuses on custom solutions and effective, long-term results.

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