Growth & Development Monitoring

Pediatric Dental Growth & Development Monitoring

Your child’s teeth will go through several stages of development as they grow, which will affect their long-term dental health. You should ensure their teeth are developing as expected to provide them with a healthy future. Southland Smiles has expert pediatric dentists who can help with your child’s dental growth and monitoring. We can work with you to secure a healthy and radiant smile for your kid’s future.

Children Teeth Development

To support your children’s dental growth, you need to know and understand the teeth development process that they will go through. That begins from the time your children’s first tooth erupts to the age when the complete permanent teeth are present.

Baby Teeth

A baby’s first tooth typically erupts through the gums between six and 12 months. Although the time when the first tooth shows varies, the order of tooth development is much more specific. The first teeth to erupt are the lower incisors,  the upper incisors and the first deciduous molars. By the time they are three years old, your child will have 20 baby teeth.

When the first teeth show, your baby’s gums become extremely sensitive and painful. The gums can often be soothed by letting them bite on a cold, damp towel or teething rings or toys.

The baby teeth’s role is to hold the space for the permanent teeth that will subsequently erupt. It’s best to visit your pediatric dentist to make sure they are growing in a healthy way. We can keep an eye on your child’s bite as they get older to everything remains in the right place. Our pediatric dentists can also provide routine cleanings and at-home dental care instructions to help protect your child’s baby teeth from cavities and early tooth loss.

Permanent Teeth

Between six and seven years old, the baby’s teeth will start to fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth. All the baby teeth will be gone by the time your child is 12 to 14 years old, and a complete set of permanent teeth will be present. 

Since your children will have these permanent teeth for the rest of their lives, this is a critical period in their dental development. You should monitor these developing teeth to ensure they are strong and treat any issues as soon as they arise.

When your child’s molars emerge —at 6 to 7 years old — they must be carefully monitored. Since the molars are used for chewing, they are the most prone to decay and cavities. Our dentists at Southland Smiles can help ensure that your child’s permanent teeth are safe from dental issues with routine cleanings and check-ups. Dental sealants can also lower the risk of cavities while protecting the chewing surfaces of the molars.

Although most children don’t usually get an orthodontic evaluation until they are 9 or 10 years old, our dentist will also check for early signs of orthodontic problems. At this age, the mouth and jaw are growing quickly, which makes it much simpler to realign the teeth and bite. Early detection of orthodontic issues also makes treatment considerably more manageable and less expensive than waiting to address them.

Common Problems During Dental Growth & Development

Whether your child has a baby or permanent teeth, they are not safe from dental issues like adults. Your dentist at Southland Smile will aim to detect common problems in developing teeth, which include the following:

1. Tooth Decay The bacteria in the mouth create acid that harms the teeth’ enamel and eventually leads to cavities.

2. Crossbite – This occurs when the mouth is closed, when the mouth is closed and the top and lower teeth do not meet properly.

3. Underbite – This problem occurs when the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth when biting.

4. CrowdingWhen there is not enough gum space to house all the teeth.

5. Splayed Teeth – This happens when the front teeth are inclined outward due to thumbsucking.

6. Impacted Canine – Teeth that did not emerge from the gums can cause pain and infection and, if left untreated, may require surgery.

Watch Them Grow: Expert Pediatric Dental Monitoring

Your children need to see the dentist regularly to avoid these common problems and keep their teeth healthy. Partner with Southland Smiles for teeth growth and development monitoring to ensure your kids have good dental health as they grow up.

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